Tropical Leaves

What Else We Offer

Wild Horses
Image by Pille R. Priske
Tropical Leaves

As time passes, we will be adding many additional and dynamic offerings for our community, and beyond.

Tropical Leaves


Tropical Leaves


Horseback Tours

We are acquiring our own horses but also forming partnerships with local experts in horsemanship to provide tours to local waterfalls, jurassic rivers and majestic mountains.


Hosting Retreats

As renovations finalize, we will offer our space, amenities and services to potential business partners who wish to retreat with some of their followers to our magical food forest.  We have several acres that can accommodate campers, and are excited to collaborate with others on making their dreams a reality.



Reach out to us about hosting your next birthday party, or special event here.  We have access to a large plaza hall nearby as well for larger groups.



Food and nutritional sciences are very important here, and soon we will provide organic smoothies, vegan dishes and many more healthy, locally-sourced superfoods for our customers.


Crystals & Minerals

Having a history in curating private collections for various crystal-enthusiast clients in the USA, Tobin will soon be sourcing high-quality, ethically sourced crystals and minerals to retail here at The Jungle Temple.


An exciting neighborhood...

Here in Vasconia, we have our own Soccer Field, Rodeo, River, School, mini-Super and community center.