Directions from SJO Airport

Waze tends to be the most accurate GPS here in Costa Rica.  Since the address system works differently here, we can only provide general location for your GPS.


Vasconia de Parrita, Parrita, Puntarenas, Costa Rica 60901.

Estimated Travel Time from SJO: 2.5 hours

If you message Tobin's Whatsapp number, he will drop the location for you to follow.

Special Note: We are very easy to find in a well-known, centrally located, traditional Tico town.  Just say to anyone 'Pa Rita'

Methods of Transportation

Here are a few options for getting from the Airport to our Space, in case you don't own a helicopter.


There are paved roads all the way to our property, bus accessibility to and from Parrita Centro; 3 roundtrips on weekdays and saturdays, once on sundays.

Buses run from SJO airport often and you will ask for the Jaco-Quepos route, your final destination being Parrita.

After you get off at the Parrita bus station, you will take the bus to Playon/Vasconia that leaves Parrita at 9:00am, 12:00pm, or 2:00pm (mondays-saturdays) and 12:00pm on sundays.


Very expensive but they will get you to a location like any other taxi in any other country would. Read into that what you will.


There are private shuttles available and sometimes you may be able to ride-share.  When we have more details we will add them here.

Local Driver

Not recommended but is your best bet for a cheaper ride and an interesting experience.  Costa Ricans love to show people around their beautiful country and may sometimes get sidetracked in their excitement to show you everything at once.  Good news is, they usually don't want any money for it, but you're at their will mostly.  Pura Vida, Mae!