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This page will tell you a little more about me, my background, my colleagues and my goals for our evolution at The Jungle Temple...

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Tropical Leaves

Tobin Osusky

So, hello again, I’m Tobin,
Former elite athlete become Kinesiologist (a.k.a. Exercise Scientist), which is a fancy way of saying that
I’m a Life Force Energy Trainer, Holistic Healer, Inspired Speaker & Functional Fitness Coach.


What exactly do I do?


ART: Active Release Techniques to rehabilitate and prevent injuries.
QPT: Quantum Personal Training to condition bodies, strengthen minds and illuminate cellular potential.
ESC: Elite Sports Conditioning to help others accomplish goals.
LM: Locomotor Training to help those currently unable to walk to regain their abilities.
NMES: Neuro Muscular Electro Stimulation to provide necessary stimulation to muscle and nerve networks.


What makes me different?
For starters, I’ve survived death, for real, it’s a pretty extraordinary story. 
I have survived a broken neck, a broken back, suffered through 3rd degree burns covering 80% of my body, a 14-inch laceration on my scalp with over 500+ sutures, and endless negativity from doctors and so-called experts, yet healed myself despite all odds and never accepted any limits, ever.

There is no such thing as impossible! As a young man, I overcame Tourette’s Syndrome and became an award-winning, elite athlete in multiple sports as well as an achieved scholar. I am proof that you can do anything you set your mind to... Now, enough "I's" and lets focus on you and how we can help you achieve your goals, dreams and optimal wellness.

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Back Massage

Karina Selva

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Karina offers years of experience working with the top spas and resorts across Costa Rica providing Body Work, Facials and more!